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We're re-developing the Mezz! This bouldering area will be closed until the end of the month. During this time there will be some disruption while we carry out works. This will be kept to a minimum and the majority of work will occur during our off-peak hours.


To book:

Email or phone 020 8211 7000.


Courses Terms and Conditions

Private Tuition Prices

£48/hr for one person
£72/hr for two people
£96/hr for three people

£120/hr for four people

Coaching Prices

£120 - 2-hour Assessment only

£240 - 5-hour Assessment Block (2hr Assessment + 1.5hr coaching session x 2)


post assessment:

£240 - 6-hour Coaching Block (1.5hr session x 4)

£40 - 1 hour of Follow Up Session


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Private Tuition & Coaching

Our bespoke 1:1 sessions are designed with maximum flexibility to meet your individual requirements.

This could be experiencing climbing for the first time, improving your climbing skills, movement or training for a specific goal.

For guidance we have streamlined the sessions into the following categories:


  • Movement (Range Of Movement; footwork)
  • Climbing Specific (better clipping; dynamic belaying; big walling; rope management; rigging; self-belaying)

Short-Term 1:1 Learning

  • Specific Goals (trips; projects; weaknesses/imbalances)
  • Progressive Development (novice climbers; session structuring)

Long-Term Bespoke Training 

  • Continuous Development (assessment; periodised training; monitoring)
  • Optimising Performance (mindfulness; purposeful training; best practices)

Choose from the categories below to see which option suits you the best:

Movement Skills

Movement Course, 1:6 group learning

Private Tuition

Short-term 1:1 learning, focusing on technical climbing & safety skills

Bespoke Training

Long-term 1:1 coaching, with a focus on climbing performance

Training and Skills blog

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