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Email or phone 020 8211 7000.


Courses Terms and Conditions

Private Tuition Prices

£48/hr for one person
£72/hr for two people
£96/hr for three people

£120/hr for four people

Coaching Prices

£120 - 2-hour Assessment only

£240 - 5-hour Assessment Block (2hr Assessment + 1.5hr coaching session x 2)


post assessment:

£240 - 6-hour Coaching Block (1.5hr session x 4)

£40 - 1 hour of Follow Up Session


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Private Tuition & Coaching

Our bespoke 1:1 sessions are designed with maximum flexibility to meet your individual requirements.

This could be experiencing climbing for the first time, improving your climbing skills, movement or training for a specific goal.

For guidance we have streamlined the sessions into the following categories:


  • Movement (Range Of Movement; footwork)
  • Climbing Specific (better clipping; dynamic belaying; big walling; rope management; rigging; self-belaying)

Short-Term 1:1 Learning

  • Specific Goals (trips; projects; weaknesses/imbalances)
  • Progressive Development (novice climbers; session structuring)

Long-Term Bespoke Training 

  • Continuous Development (assessment; periodised training; monitoring)
  • Optimising Performance (mindfulness; purposeful training; best practices)

Choose from the categories below to see which option suits you the best:

Movement Skills

Movement Course, 1:6 group learning

Private Tuition

Short-term 1:1 learning, focusing on technical climbing & safety skills

Bespoke Training

Long-term 1:1 coaching, with a focus on climbing performance

Training and Skills blog

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