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If you’re new to climbing…welcome! Climbing is awesome - you can get fit while having fun. These pages will give you all the information you need about climbing at The Castle, from learning to climb to making the most out of your visit here. If you’re new to climbing, make sure you check our First Visit page - this provides essential information for first timers.

Plan Your Visit

  • First Visit

    Read our conditions of entry.

  • Prices & Membership

    The price plans offered to you on this page come into effect on 7th November. If you'd like to learn more about how this will affect you, please read our

  • Social Climbing

    Partner let you down again? Just done a course and want to meet other climbers? Come along to the Session, get sociable and make new friends!

  • Disability & Inclusivity

    Climbing is for everyone. Find out more here about what we offer.

  • External Groups & Coaching

    Are you a climbing instructor or coach? Here's what you need to know about bringing a group to The Castle.